Beta out for Eclectus

So a release is only out once the developer blogs about it, they say.

Using Ohloh

I just registered at Ohloh, and updated information for cjklib and Eclectus. I kind of like the social networking approach, but am not sure how much this site is recognized. I might start using the "journal" feature, maybe together with twitter, to inform about recent changes to the two projects.

Colloquial designations of Kangxi radicals

Sorting and indexing English words or those of other languages with roman alphabet is pretty easy, as letters are ordered from A to Z. Chinese characters are much more difficult to handle, as setting up a distinct order for each and every character fails due to the sheer number of characters - there's even no distinguishable upper limit.

Moving from Tomoe to Tegaki

[img_assist|nid=199|title=Eclectus screenshot showing handwriting box|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=55|height=100]This morning I told Eclectus how to use Tegaki, the successor of Tomoe in handwriting recognition of Chinese characters (including Kanji). Motivated by Tegaki moving into Debian in the past few days, and Tomoe being only available in openSUSE but not in Debian or Ubuntu, I changed Eclectus' handwriting widget to support either of them, prefering now Tegaki. The diff is relatively small (1), hopefully we can totally drop Tomoe in the future making the code cleaner.

Announcing Eclectus, a Han character dictionary

[img_assist|nid=194|title=Full Dictionary View|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=73|height=100]
May 27th, 2009

I would like to announce Eclectus, a Han character dictionary especially
suited for learners [1] (see screencast [2]).


The lack of a good and user-friendly learner's dictionary for Chinese
motivated the work in the past months that went into Eclectus. With more than
40,000 mostly complexly shaped Chinese characters the Chinese script is rather
difficult to learn. This dictionary tries to acknowledge that and offers a wide
set of features including quick ways to find characters you don't know how to

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