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Detecting Code-Switch Events Based on Textual Features

My thesis is finally printed and now also available as PDF. It is called Detecting Code-Switch Events Based on Textual Features and focuses on the detection of Code-Switching between English and Mandarin Chinese. I already found a typo, but I'd keep it with the Latin proverb, errare humanum est :)

Colloquial designations of Kangxi radicals

Sorting and indexing English words or those of other languages with roman alphabet is pretty easy, as letters are ordered from A to Z. Chinese characters are much more difficult to handle, as setting up a distinct order for each and every character fails due to the sheer number of characters - there's even no distinguishable upper limit.

A survey on German learners of Chinese

We did a short survey on German beginners of Mandarin where we asked 30 people what problems they face, what they use for learning, and what they think is missing. Most of the 30 people are students and none of them have a family background in China. On average they already studied 7 months of Chinese while learning 1.8 days a week.

Xiao'erjing in cjklib?

Xiao'erjing is a way of writing Chinese in Arabic script. Basically it is a transcription similar to Pinyin used by people with knowledge of the Arabic script to denote the sounds of Mandarin or another "dialect". It is written from right to left (RTL).

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Xiao'erjing: Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Xiao'erjing under Public Domain taken from Declaration of Human Rights in Xiao'erjing: 人人生而自由…

Cantonese Yale syllable table

Similar to the Jyutping syllable table here is a table of syllables of the Cantonese language written in Romanisation Cantonese Yale.

There are two sources: Research Centre for Humanities Computing of the Research Institute for the Humanities (RIH), Faculty of Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 粵音節表 (Table of Cantonese Syllables) and the Unihan table, both are in Jyutping. I used cjklib to convert those into Cantonese Yale.

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