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I hope you forgive me for letting this blog start with a rant into the new year. But this topic actually has bothered me for some time now, so I'll hope you will bear with me.

Simple image segmenter in Python

口-bw.1.png, 口-bw.2.png, 口-bw.3.png
So I was looking for a simple segmenter to break down images containing several tiles into single pieces. I decided to write one myself, so here it is. comes with a help page (python --help) which explains the parameters in short. Most important segmentation can be done either by using a window or by looking for whitespaces in the image. Giving the width/height ratio or more specifically the tilesize makes guessing more accurate by discarding solutions that don't fit the given sizes. Furthermore by selecting equaltiles the segmenter will try to find a segmenting solution that results in having exact same size tiles. This can even improve segmentation results.

Batch-Downloading from Wikimedia servers (2)

Some time ago I wrote how to download a category of files from Wikipedia. As the API got updates and my program now can download more than the maximum page size of 500 entries, I'll repost the script:

Batch-Downloading from Wikimedia servers

Today I justed wanted to download some images from Wikimedia Commons. As it turned out, it's not that simple: How to get all images from one category (in this case the category of the chinese stroke order project)?
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