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Collaborative Work and Openness

I hope you forgive me for letting this blog start with a rant into the new year. But this topic actually has bothered me for some time now, so I'll hope you will bear with me.

Upgrading Drupal

I decided to upgrade Drupal today mostly because of security fixes. First to 5.10, then to 6 as I was already at it. It turns out that Drupal 6 needs at least MySQL 4.1 but our RZ still runs 4.0 which is bugging me for more than two years. So I needed to revert back to 5.10. Suddenly my content was gone. Instead I would see "n/a" ("n/v" in the translated version).

Sudoku in TCL

After doing the Sudoku implementation in Python I ported the code to TCL as to do some first steps in this language. It took me some time to cope with the TCL syntax, but there it is.

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