Beta out for Eclectus

So a release is only out once the developer blogs about it, they say.

This afternoon I tagged and packaged what is now 0.2beta of Eclectus. I also created a page on the KDE application site as I believe it is now ready for wider consumption. Packages for Linux distributions should now make it easy for ppl to install it.

While I have many ideas for Eclectus, even some I haven't seen in any electronic dictionary so far, I am currently left with only few time. I'd also like to cater to Windows and Mac users in the future, but porting Eclectus to a Qt-only version will surely need a week of work, something I currently cannot affort.

Goals in the near future will be stabilizing the application and creating a nice dictionary abstraction layer to offer better integration for the different dictionaries around.

I'm so far maybe my happiest user. Eclectus helps me in my daily learning routine, and I never look back to the tools I used (or tried to use) before. I hope others have similar experiences.

using eclectus

Hey Christoph!

I was just checking, if there is any way to get font size bigger in ecletus.

I saw there are no more changes at eclectus and Version 1. You might have other and more important things to do. So just to keep you informed: I use Eclectus everyday and I am very happy it's out there!

Kind regards, Marcus

Re: using eclectus

Marcus, thanks a lot for the feedback. Glad it is useful for you. It's always good to hear that people use your stuff.

Sadly I don't find much time to work on my projects, so I sadly I can't promise that I will improve something soon.

Sorry for moderating your comment that late. Notifications have been off and fighting SPAM is ugly.

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mac mac mac

p.s. I don't appreciate that I'm forced to "preview" my post before "saving it". I'm a woman of little free time, and excellent precision. If you want to encourage me to comment, stop forcing me to recheck my posts! :P

I suggest an "edit" after post option as sufficient/more efficient.

Sorry Danasaur, I'm a man of

Sorry Danasaur, I'm a man of little time, so I don't provide my own implementation of comments. I can only rely on Drupal here.

Oh, mac mac. My Mac enthusiast is somewhere in Saudi and too busy to help out.