Cjklib 0.3 Release Announcement

New release of cjklib with dictionary support

We would like to announce the new 0.3 release of cjklib, a Python-based programming library providing higher-level support of Chinese characters, also called Han characters.

A technical post on transliterations

This blog entry provides a nice mix of transliterations, C++, cjklib, ICU and language bindings in Python.

Improving recognition of handwriting with component samples

Yet another post on handwriting recognition of Japanese and Chinese characters with Tegaki. This time I want to improve recognition rates of existing models.

Follow up on "Gwoyeu Romatzyh and abbreviated spellings"

There where some forms left in Gwoyeu Romatzyh and abbreviated spellings that I needed to investigate on.

Recognizing basic strokes in handwriting

8 basic strokes
Just recently this blog has seen a post about Tegaki. It's a handwriting recognition system for Chinese Characters/Kanji, and I tried a bootstrapping process for a missing model of Traditional Chinese. Yesterday I started to think about other possibilities of Tegaki and wanted to try recognizing single strokes.

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