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Cantonese finals wanted (follow-up to 'Infrequent syllables of Cantonese')

Recently I was looking into Infrequent syllables of Cantonese that I found in the table provided by the Research Centre for Humanities Computing of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Unihan table provided by Unicode (see the combined table in Jyutping syllable table).

For some of this syllables I now found some more sources, that give information about syllable initials and finals. So instead of going through syllables I'll provide the information for syllable finals.

Infrequent syllables of Cantonese

Going through the syllable set of Cantonese, especially for the LSHK's (Linguistic Society of Hong Kong) romanisation Jyutping and the Cantonese Yale romanisation system's equivalents I came across a few infrequent syllables that would be referenced in a few works, but whose finals not be covered in the list provided on the LSHK's website.

Jyutping syllable table

Following Pinyin syllable sets compared here is a table of syllables of the Cantonese language written in Romanisation Jyutping.

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