Moving from Tomoe to Tegaki

[img_assist|nid=199|title=Eclectus screenshot showing handwriting box|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=55|height=100]This morning I told Eclectus how to use Tegaki, the successor of Tomoe in handwriting recognition of Chinese characters (including Kanji). Motivated by Tegaki moving into Debian in the past few days, and Tomoe being only available in openSUSE but not in Debian or Ubuntu, I changed Eclectus' handwriting widget to support either of them, prefering now Tegaki. The diff is relatively small (1), hopefully we can totally drop Tomoe in the future making the code cleaner.

For Eclectus these changes will bring better recognition results and hopefully more features of the actively developed project. You can read more about Tegaki on the developer's blog under

My original widget will be maintained in the Eclectus project under (2). We'll see what more will change. Now, still missing is support for traditional Chinese, anyone?