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Detecting Code-Switch Events Based on Textual Features

My thesis is finally printed and now also available as PDF. It is called Detecting Code-Switch Events Based on Textual Features and focuses on the detection of Code-Switching between English and Mandarin Chinese. I already found a typo, but I'd keep it with the Latin proverb, errare humanum est :)


So it is official. I graduated and can now call myself a "Dipl. Inform.", the German equivalence to a Master in Computer Science (and the minimum grade admitting you to a Ph.D. in CS). While my University (that is Karlsruhe) still keeps me busy with slight corrections of my final thesis, I at least can slowly set my mind on new things.

Minimising the perceptron criterion function

For creating an example to demonstrate how to train an artificial neuron with a simple training algorithm I created a spreadsheet that trains the neuron given a truth table, initial weights and a learning rate.

It therefore uses the perceptron criterion function to train a single neuron, by adding the values of misclassified inputs to the weights in batch mode.

Artikel aus dem Studium

  • Burgmer C.:
    Diplomarbeit Detecting Code-Switch Events Based on Textual Features, November 2009
    Ausarbeitung (pdf)
  • Burgmer C.:
    Studienarbeit Klassifikation von Phasen menschlicher Bewegungen mit Neuronalen Netzen, September 2005
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