So it is official. I graduated and can now call myself a "Dipl. Inform.", the German equivalence to a Master in Computer Science (and the minimum grade admitting you to a Ph.D. in CS). While my University (that is Karlsruhe) still keeps me busy with slight corrections of my final thesis, I at least can slowly set my mind on new things. I will be on the look out for a job, but who knows, I might even consider continuing with a Ph.D. I just hope people don't be mixed up by my Uni's recent name change to KIT, Kaustubh Institute of Training Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Oh, and once my Thesis is final, I'll post an update on my publications page.

Update: Corrected my "title", three additional characters got lost on the way.

Yaaaay! Congratulations

Yaaaay! Congratulations Chris!


Way to go, man!