October 2009

Stroke recognition with Tegaki

Stroke recognition with Tegaki

Newest addition to the stroke branch on github.

Recognizing basic strokes in handwriting

8 basic strokes
Just recently this blog has seen a post about Tegaki. It's a handwriting recognition system for Chinese Characters/Kanji, and I tried a bootstrapping process for a missing model of Traditional Chinese. Yesterday I started to think about other possibilities of Tegaki and wanted to try recognizing single strokes.

8 strokes of 永

8 strokes of 永

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License and comes from Wikimedia Commons.

Cjklib 0.2 Release Announcement

First stable version of cjklib released.

October 19th, 2009
We would like to announce the first stable release of cjklib, a new Python-based programming library providing higher-level support of Chinese characters, also called Han characters.

API documentation for cjklib

This link is obsolete. Please directly go to http://cjklib.org.

Bootstrapping Tegaki handwriting models using character decomposition

Just yesterday, I committed a new list of character decompositions to cjklib, that was gratefully released under LGPL by Gavin Grover. While until now the about 500 entries served more as a proof of concept, we now have more than 20.000 decompositions spanning the most important characters as encoded by Unicode.

So I wanted to do something nice with this new set of data. I picked the Tegaki project which offers handwriting recognition for Kanji and Hanzi, the latter for Simplified Chinese. I remember showing off the Qt widget I developed to a friend, who then promptly drew a Traditional Chinese character that couldn't be recognized. That was of course because Tegaki (and back then Tomoe) doesn't support Traditional Chinese. Until now.

Component model of 黴

Component model of 黴

Blog moved

This blog has moved permanently to cburgmer.nfshost.com. If you still reach this site via www.stud.uni-karlsruhe.de/~uyhc then please update your bookmarks.

Using Ohloh

I just registered at Ohloh, and updated information for cjklib and Eclectus. I kind of like the social networking approach, but am not sure how much this site is recognized. I might start using the "journal" feature, maybe together with twitter, to inform about recent changes to the two projects.