ISO 639-3 changes Macrolanguage table format

A bit late I realised that SIL changed the ISO 639-3 macrolanguage table format two days after the release of the 2007 cycle.

With the deprecation of now five language codes that are mapped to a macrolanguage it seems to have been inevitable to add a column indicating whether the code is still in use or obsolete and put the deprecated codes back in which seem to have been removed before. After a quick glance the change two days later didn't create new macro mappings, but just added the deprecated codes back again.

See Deprecated languages codes mapped to a macrolanguage for a list of these codes.

Here is the new table format:

CREATE TABLE ISO_639_3_Macrolanguages (
   M_Id      char(3) NOT NULL,  -- The identifier for a macrolanguage
   I_Id      char(3) NOT NULL,  -- The identifier for an individual language
                                -- that is a member of the macrolanguage
   I_Status  char(1) NOT NULL,  -- A (active) or R (retired) indicating the
                                -- status of the individual code element
   INDEX (M_Id)