id3encodingconverter - A simple encoding converter for MP3 tags

I just checked in my small project id3encodingconverter which is designed to convert ID3 tags found in MP3 files from different encodings to Unicode with ID3v2.

Up till now I didn't find any easy tool to do the frequent task of conversion, which is needed when text in some other encoding than Latin1 is saved in a tag format that doesn't support something else then Latin1.

As long as you listen to music that only makes use of one character set you shouldn't have the problems I have: if your music is English, then you're a happy person, as ASCII is found in (nearly?) all encodings. If you need something different than Latin1, you can normally tell your music player to choose a different standard. But if you have music in different encodings, then you can only convert all your music tags to Unicode and that's what my tool is for.

It's hosted on Google Code which seems perfect for small projects like this. A wiki, SVN, download possibility, not bloated as sourceforge and clones.

Well, until now, only alpha. A lot of work still needs to be done.