cjklib comes with rewritten and more extensive unit tests

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I finally got to one particular weakness of cjklib and being motivated enough to tackle the problem of weak unit tests I rewrote the current test and added some more.

Test cases now are much clearer and should motivate the addition of further test cases. Well, actually some flaws hidden before came up now, for example the CantoneseIPAOperator class was never well tested, as its corresponding JyutpingIPAConverter class is still not implemented and thus not very useful up to now. I can not stress enough how important unit tests are as some bugs I fixed yesterday were really small corner cases hard to find.

Test cases so far cover consistency tests for ReadingOperator and ReadingConverter classes and for most of them additional references are given, some being more some less extensive. The CharacterLookup class still needs much more tests, something that should be easier now after the rewrite.

A tool new to the development chain now eases the whole testing task: nosetests can easily select tests from regular expressions and at the same time create coverage and profiling information. Happy bug squashing!